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Gift Voucher - Mindfulness for Kids

Download Stickers 4.75 in. x 4.75 in. This is a full sized album cover in sticker form with a crack and peel back where the individual download codes are printed. $5.99 inc postage and packing (Price includes VAT in qualifying countries)

Gift Voucher - Mindfulness for Kids

By Brenda Shankey

Designed to give children the skills of mindfulness, to live in the present moment instead of squandering the precious seconds of their lives as they worry about the future and regret the past. It is also a key learning resource for face to face mindfulness sessions.

*Evidence for the Impact of Mindfulness on Children and Young People” Weare K: Emeritus Professor, Universities of Exeter and Southampton April 2012

Chapter 12 music provided by Envato/Audiojungle:

“Children Inspiration” Piano version by christophe-lagarde

“We can Dream”: A beautiful, inspiring and emotionally uplifting song about looking towards the future with optimism, freedom, and a love for life featuring pure and beautiful vocals by Alaina Stacey, music and lyrics by Pink Zebra.

Mindfulness for Kids Gift Voucher