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Listener at Audible

"Brenda Shankey - An amazing lady.

Brenda's soft voice smoothly narrates this beautifully and effortlessly.

The breathing and relaxation techniques work 100%

As an anxiety and stress sufferer, I immediately felt I could take on the day ahead."

Conleth Kane; Singer ~ Songwriter 

"I spent an entire hour on a train journey with my eyes closed, earphones in – with Brenda’s voice in my head throughout. I breathed, I listened, I got rid of all the ‘clutter’ in my mind, and I got off the train at the end of the journey with a smile on my face.

My advice to anyone who is feeling anxious, have a listen to this inspirational lady. Brenda has the ability to make anyone feel better about themselves"

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"I found this book to be amazing, it has really changed my life! I look forward to listening to Brenda's advice every morning as a gentle reminder to be fabulous. Simply amazing and highly recommend."

Listener: Caroline at Audible


j'adore! ça m'aide a être centrée au quotidien peu importe ce que la vie m'amène. Merci"

Listener: Balathayaparan Thayaparan at Audible

"Excellent Audiobook with Great techniques"

I really enjoyed the audiobook and the useful informations in practical ways so far so good. Excellent techniques and ideas examples from golf. I love it. Thank you so much.!

Listener at Audible

"Good guide

The book gives a clear idea about concentration which is required by students. It helps to recognize the distractions and how to get away from them. The presentation is lucid"

Listener at Audible


Lovely voice for meditation. I bookmarked each chapter with a note for future reference so I’ll know what the chapter contains. The first chapters are informative; the 2nd half of audiobook is guided meditations on different angels. Calming, soothing. I listen to them before sleeping

Listener at Amazon

"My 6 year old daughter absolutely loves this. She is now a very confident little girl who can get to sleep at night after 10-15mins where before it would have taken her over an hour to calm herself.

She uses the techniques to face situations where before should have been too afraid to speak to strangers or join clubs and now has the tools to help her and has been able to overcome her fears with mindfulness.

Highly recommend for any parent who wants to benefit this for their child."

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"This book is a game changer : my daughter is like a different child based on what I've learned from listening to it! It's definitely a mum's must have" ❤️

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"Fantastic book!!!!

This was a great book, so easy to understand and the way she explained everything was brilliant. I will definitely be using this book as the main book to help the kids in my setting, using all the stages she has given."

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"Great CD and children found it very beneficial - they have a bath and get nice and relaxed ready to listen to the CD - once they realise this is now going to be a nightly ritual it definitely improves each night - I dim the lights and allow the children to listen and follow the CD & when i go back to check on them they are asleep - I find too that the children are a lot calmer when they awaken each day - so highly recommend listening to this CD for the children - also very good for teenagers as they can also follow Brenda's guidance ... a must have in any household."

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"A great audio for children of all different ages - now I have noticed that if they are having a bad day they will look to listen to this, they go to their 'safe place' to listen to Brenda and they come back feeling a lot better...."

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"This is an amazing book written by an amazing lady who definitely knows what she is talking about. My son is 12 and was in my bed right up until he read this book. He now doesn't only sleep in his own bed he also sleeps in the dark with his door closed. This has made a massive difference in his life he's sleeping better , not half as grumpy in the mornings and his school work has improved 100% to the point that he has just been moved up a class."

Listener at Amazon

"Simply inspirational. I bought this book to help my son get to sleep at night. It is super very user friendly. We both look forward to listening to Brenda's advice every night before bed time. Thankfully now my son sleeps right through the night."

Listener at Amazon

"Fabulous has really helped both of my children"

Listener at Amazon

"An inspiring and motivating read on how one can make their life happier and a gentle reminder we have choices and decisions to make about ourselves no matter what our circumstances are."

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"The material in this book is simply fantastic it is life changing and life enhancing. A must read for those who want to change their life in a meaningful way.

The content takes you through a methodical process for change that is truly awesome."